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GC Auto Clicker

GC Auto Click is an auto clicker that can Automatic Clicker or swipe any position using a custom duration.

It can help you with tasks that require repeated clicks or swipes and is suitable for users who want to use an Automatic Clicker tool for reading newspapers, surfing the web, and playing games.

Feature: ✓Fast clicks with only 1ms interval ✓Support multi-point, synchronous click, and long press mode ✓Personalize settings, set your favorite skin ✓Click test to test your click speed ✓ Support multiple languages ✓The new interface allows you to stop, pause or resume the script at any time ✓Separately set the parameters of the clicks, such as touch duration and number of repetitions ✓Easily save and load any configuration you have set.

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music stats for Spotify​

Music stats for Spotify is an indispensable complement to Spotify.

This APP can provide you with analysis data on your Spotify to help you make better use of Spotify.

The main functions of Music stats for Spotify:

  • Historical data analysis: You can know your listening counts, duration, audio features, genres, and other data on different periods such as day, week, month, etc. Therefore, you can look at data over time to see how your preferences have changed. If you upload a Spotify data file, you can view more lifetime listening data.
  • Your listening counts (play counts, total listening time, and how many songs, artists, albums, etc.)
  • Your listening habits (when do you often listen to music)
  • Your listening preferences (what genres do you listen to the most, happy, sad, etc.)
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